Marusha wearing a colourful tutu, a unicorn headress, clutching a pink bear and holding a gold credit card
The little girl

Little girl, little girl, do you want to play?
Oh for God’s sake! I’m a woman.
Can’t you see?
But, thank you for asking if I want to come and play.
I would love to play your grown up games and I will even pay.

Marusha looking at her clunched fingers against a white backdrop
The monster

Can you see the monster coming out of me?

I try and tell it. 

But it just keeps coming after me.
Every three months I feed it Botox so I can look like you. It leaves me for awhile, then it’s back

it’s mean, it’s cruel

I just want to 
A black and white image of Marusha's arm and clawed fingers
The monster, part II

The monster attacks
when you least expect it.
Marusha's arm extended with the letters EX and CLUSION written on the arm

Clusion is a funny word, it can mean the opposite 

when you add two little letters, EX or IN
You can either be IN or OUT, let’s EXit now

Let’s get rid of the EX,  and have more of the IN 

No! I have a better idea

Let’s go out with the EX, so we can both join IN! 
What do you see when you look at me?
A xheelchair alone, empty with a soccer ball for a head and gold skirt and black heels
My wheelchair does not define me.
2 cutout paper figures with a battery for a body, stuck to a wheelchair
Fully charged

Whether you are male or female, whether you are ranked higher or lower at work or whether you have a disability or not. We all have the same passion and dreams. No matter the size or shape of your battery, we are all fully charged.
Marusha clutching a little baby in her arms

Having a disability, people can overpower me, taking control of my life and the way they think I should live. But the one thing I have the power to control are my thoughts and how I love.
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